Setup Free Google Apps Account

Setup Free Google Apps Account.

[UPDATE] As of December 7th 2012 Google Apps is no longer offering new users free google apps accounts. Please see my post on alternatives to Google Apps here

Lately its been more and more difficult to find the link to setup free google apps account. Google Apps lets you use the familiar Gmail service with a custom domain access to powerful tools like Google Drive to share and collaborate in real-time on spreadsheets, documents, presentations and more. Here at Woo Web Design we use real-time  spreadsheet collaboration to monitor and help clients enter products for their e-commerce websites. Collaborate on power point presentations in real time with people all over the world, text, voice, and video chat and theres so much more. As of this writing the link to setup free google apps account is

I’ll keep the link updated since we setup many of our clients with free google apps accounts. We are also willing to help anybody and everybody setup their own Free Google Apps Account. Setting up Google Apps requires changing your MX records and CNAME with your domain company. Just let us know in the comments below if you need our help.

setup free google apps account.


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  1. TechT2 August 10, 2013 at 11:40 pm #

    google apps free email is not available now.. 🙁

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